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Here’s a book that for the first time collects and catalogues all Gabriele Basilico’s photo books, from 1978 to 2006: over twenty years of career. Every book is presented with its original cover, bibliographic data and a photo taken from the interiors. Page by page, photo by photo, the reader will discover the richness and variety of matters in Basilico’s photos: Milanese suburbs in the last Seventies, dancing halls in Emilia, industries, ports and finally Beirut in early Nineties and the new soul of Berlin. This book is a useful way for scholars but also for simple lovers of good photography to make a point about the career of a photographer that has built our perception of contemporary landscape. With an introduction by Italo Rota and a comment by Gabriele Basilico.

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Gabriele Basilico. Photo Books 1978-2005

Gabriele Basilico

Release Place Mantova, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2006
Writer: Italo Rota
ISBN-13: 9788875700430
Subform Reference Book
Topics Photobooks
Language Italian
Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 cm
Weight 3,000 gram
Pages 264

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