List an item for sale

Quick guide on how to sell on the edcat marketplace.


1. Set up your seller profile

- go to or click on your user name, select Settings and the Seller Settings

- enter your paypal information (at the moment paypal is the only method to handle payments on edcat, if you wish for other ways to handle payments, please add it to the feedback board)

- enter the address where you ship from

- last, set the shipping costs. edcat uses what we call "shipping classes" for handling shipping costs. You can create many shipping classes to create individual shipping costs for items of different size or weight. In each shipping class you can specify the costs for individual countries or use "Rest of the World" to set the shipping costs for all countries not specified. Only users from the countries you specify can buy from you. You can set shipping costs for "registered" and "unregistered" shipping or leave one option empty to only offer one option in this shipping class.

When you completed these steps, a green message "Settings were saved" should appear to confirm that you set up your seller profile completely.


2. Find the item you want to sell and list it

- Perform a search for the title, artist name or publisher name, go to the items page and click on "Sell this item"

- On the next screen you can set the condition, add a comment (optional), private notes (optional, only you can see these), set the price and the quantity you have in stock. You can also set it to "draft" if you don’t want it to appear on the marketplace directly.

- Press the "List Item for Sale" Button

- done! your item is now listed on the marketplace:

To find more about Terms and Fees for the marketplace, please get in touch!