The edcat Mission

edcat wants to augment visibility for artists’ publications and create a source and tool for exploring and engaging with the fields of art and publishing.

edcat’s mission is to

- bridge the gap between all actors and spheres in the artists’ publication field: artists, publishers, distributors, libraries and archives, collectors, researchers and the general public by providing a resource and communication platform.

- collect and preserve information about art publications from diverse sources merged in one place to make them freely available to the interested public in an expanding database.

- create a tool for collaborative organizing, contextualizing and preserving cultural information

- identify artists’ publications as a special type of object, an artwork in its own, and provide detailed meta-data to the public and institutions.

- encourage and support the discovery of art from an expanding field of artists.


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Images on edcat

Images are handled with great respect to the owners of the images. Therefore we only allow our contributors to upload
- images from sources that granted the permission to use these images on edcat
- images that were directly produced by the users
- images that were made available through a CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license. 
- images that fall under the fair use right for product images.
If you discover images on edcat that don’t follow these rules, violate any copyrights or are showing your artworks and you don’t want to allow the use of them then please report them to us immediatlely.



edcat was started as a research project by Jan Steinbach and is operated from Zurich, Switzerland.

Current Team: Jan Steinbach, Tilman Schlevogt

Technical advisor and engineering: Sandro Nardi

Development and Design:

Collaborators, supporters and advisors (present and past, among others): Marlene Obermayer, Anne-Laure Franchette, Christoph Schifferli, Tarek Issaoui, Benjamin Sommerhalder, Hubert Kretschmer, Antoine Lefebvre, Kasper Andreasen, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Evangelos Kleimann, Kristin Brüggemann, Adriana Lara, Pedro Ramos.

Supporting institutions: Artphilein Foundation, Kunsthalle Zürich, abC – Art Book in China, Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Verein Das Kunstbuch.