How can I submit a new item to edcat?



Before adding a new item to the edcat database:

- make sure, it wasn’t already added. Use the search to check that.

- please read the cataloging manual, especially the first chapter (Spectrum) to make sure that the item you want to add fits the criteria of the edcat scope.

- make sure, you have a reliable source for your information, it should be one of these:

- You have the book at hand or collected the information from having the book at hand

- You are the publisher or the artist and know the information

- You found information on the publishers website or the website of an archive or shop

- Your found the information in a book that references the item

General standards

- Only items that match the criteria described in the cataloging manual are allowed to add

- For every edition/reprint, a separate item is created (we are working on the possibility to connect them)

- Enter the data in adherence to the edcat cataloguing system

- If you are unsure, please ask!

Creating the new item

1. After you searched for the item and didn’t get any matches, click on  your username and select “Submit an edition".

2. The “new item” page will appear and will ask for the basic information for the item:

- Title: enter the complete title of the publication without the subtitle

- Artist: Type the first 3–6 letters of the first artist and see if the artist appears in the dropdown. When it appears, click on it and it will be pulled into the form field. If it doesn’t appear, it means, the artist is not yet in the database. In this case, click on “Create new artist” and enter the first and last name in the popup that opens. You can add additional artists in the same way.

- Publisher: Type in the first 3–6 letters of the publishers name and see if the the artist appears in the dropdown. When it appears, click on it and it will be pulled into the form field. If it doesn’t appear, just complete typing the name and press enter. You can add additional co-publishers in the same way.

- Category: select the appropriate category (for information about categories see edcat categories)

- Click on "Create this edition"

After that you will be directed to the "edit images" section of the item where you can add images. Every edition should have a representative image, e.g. for books that’s the cover image.

After uploading an image, you can click on "Quickedit" to enter the main information quickly. If you want to add further details, you can check out the Expert Mode which is still in basic form and not so easy yet to understand, we are working on that.

The new item you have created will be saved as a draft. An edcat curator will have a look and in case of a valid submission will set the item status to live.

(more documentation coming soon)