Art Book Show

Being with Others – Zusammensein

Dec. 9th 2022 – Jan. 28th 2023

For the exhibition Being with Others – Zusammensein invited twelve contemporary artists and publishers who use the book as the main tool for their artistic practice. The title refers to the notion of connecting the artists’ book community and distributing their works by providing the exhibition space as a platform for presentation and exchange. It also points out the media-specific mobility and accessibility of books in the reception of their readers.

Coinciding with the exhibition, the publication Calendar 2023 is made by the same artists contributing artwork to their assigned month. The project is a homage to the “calendar-as-exhibition” March 1969 by Seth Siegelaub. The two exhibition formats – on site at and potentially worldwide as a calendar – show the different possibilities of bringing together artists, their art works and the public.

A book is a link.
A book is an encounter.
A book is an inhabited space.
A book is the thing you bump into when you back up to look at a sculpture
A book is space with time.
A book is a book.
A book is a time-based medium.
A book is a perfect symbiosis between form and content.
A book is a sculpture.
A book is a portal.
A book is a container for possible content .
A book is intimate.

Organizers, Jae Kyung Kim
Address Berlin, Germany

1 edition on edcat featured in this art book show

Artists’ Edition, Artists’ Book
Calendar 2023 by Claudia de la Torre, Anja Lutz, An Onghena, Rahel Zoller, Na Kim, Robin Wa…
28.00 EUR

130 editions by participating artists and publishers on edcat

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