Art Book Show

Gibca Extended: My library was dukedom large enough


Nov. 2nd – 24th 2019

Every library is its own universum. Truths, lies, fantasies, dreams, proof and disproof exist on quiet shelves. All according to definite systems. The letters of the alphabet get a meaning through chapters, headings, and paragraphs. In that way human thinking, experience and knowledge throughout history have been made available for the future.
An artists’ book borrows the idea and the form of a book but is not literature in its usual form but an alternative space, a unique work, a container for the artist’s ideas and thoughts. The artist creates a personal universe, with its own truths, lies and sometimes its own library. It can contain everything or nothing at all. The intention is created in the eye of the beholder.
– Carina Fihn

Organizer Konstepidemin
Curator Carina Fihn
Address Gothenburg, Sweden

Participating Publishers

Participating Publishers

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