Non-gasoline Stations

Artphilein Library

Dec. 1st 2019 – Oct. 30th 2020

Artphilein Library shows the artist’s book Twentysix Gasoline Stations by Ed Ruscha, together with books by other artists who draw inspiration from that artwork.

In 2014 Artphilein Editions published TO ER by Giuseppe Chietera and Artphilein Foundation with Choisi organized the exhibition Ed Ruscha (and tributes).

On this occasion we are pleased to invite you to visit the two exhibitions dedicated to the release of the photo-book Non-Gasoline Stations, a tribute to Ed Ruscha, published by Artphilein Editions during the recent lockdown at Spazio Choisi 01 and at I2a Limonaia di Villa Saroli in Lugano.

Organizer Artphilein Library
Curator Caterina De Pietri
Website artphileinlibrary.org
Address Lugano, Switzerland

15 editions on edcat featured in this exhibition

Artist Monograph
Then & Now by Ed Ruscha