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Art Book Fair


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Oct. 28th – 31st 2021

The Tokyo Art Book Fair (TABF) started as the first book fair in Japan dedicated to art publications in 2009. Once annually, the TABF serves as a place for artists, galleries, and publishers of unique art books from both Japan and abroad to converge in Tokyo: where creators can engage in direct communication with guests about the allure of their creations. The 10th TABF hosted in 2019 unfolded as the largest incarnation of the event yet – home to over 300 exhibitors and welcoming over 35,000 visitors over a four day-span. The following year then saw the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to ensure the health and safety of participants, the TABF made the decision of forgoing the in-person rendition of the event. Instead, the fair came to life in the realm of the virtual, recreated online under the name Virtual Art Book Fair (VABF). While preserving the core tenets of the TABF – direct communication between creators and visitors and a spirit of DIY-the VABF unfolded as an innovative, fun-filled platform realizable only through digital form.

Organizer Tokyo Art Book Fair
Address Tokyo, Japan

Participating Publishers

9 editions by participating artists and publishers on edcat

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