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Printed at Rotolito / Nava Press, Milan

Publisher Note

The Disassembled Dictionary is a growing series of books that each, in various ways, discusses a particular word.
“Science fiction” consists of various plots for sci-fi novels found by Leif Holmstrand and Pär Thörn, an essay by Jerry Määttä, an artist’s statement by Niklas Wallenborg, and time- and space-related lines by Arnold Schwarzenegger characters compiled by Oscar Guermouche, Sandra Praun and Tessa Praun.

Artists’ Book

Disassembled Dictionary: "Science fiction"

by Oscar Guermouche, Sandra Praun

Release Date 2021
ISBN-13: 978-91-985244-7-5
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Topics Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Essay, Essays, Linguistics, Science, Science Fiction, Science-Fiction, Semantics, Semiotics, Series, Space, Statement, Time, Words
Methods Artist Writing, Artistic Research, Essay, Non-Creative Writing
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Pages 144
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