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Artist Jim Ricks’s synchronic sequence of images or objects rests on opportunities to visually connect politics and/or aesthetics and/or history and/or philosophy from one to another. As formal quest, this fundamental empirical and practice-based research within the ranges of our visual culture, conceptually triggers actual cultural migration and identification.

In his ‘Synchromaterialist’ series, Ricks visually reveals the inevitability of migration and of the inherent viral state of nature, and the nature of existence – what is inherently human – through the perception and reorganization of the everyday.

He takes over the book format – following on from the the exhibition methodology –to drop the unexpected organics of the Synchromaterialistic. This book reaches and branches out to be all forms a book can be. It includes a number of collaborations, and footnotes as inserts and explorations in print – sticker, newspaper, leaflet, cook book, coloring, bookmark, and a book within the book with a text by art and design critic Max Bruinsma, describing the Synchromaterialist approach.

Artists’ Book

Alien Invader Super Baby, Synchromaterialism (VI)

by Jim Ricks

Release Place Eindhoven, Netherlands
Release Date 2018
Artist: Jim Ricks
ISBN-13: 9789491677755
Language English
Format Softcover
Dimensions 15.3 × 21.5 cm
Weight 339 gram
Pages 136

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