Publisher Note

«Aloe» is a group of 21st Century Punk Intelligentsia from St. Petersburg, Russia - a new subculture community inspired by pop-culture of the 90-sand 00-s. Yana Perovskaya founded Aloe 9 years ago. In the beginning it was a tiny second-hand store. Yet now Aloe has its own clothes brand, every occasion outfit rental, they release recycling collections, participate in charity initiatives, actively advocate for an ecological lifestyle and organise the famous Dikoe Disco party. Last gig were attended by 7-8 thousand people. The book cover was made from a fabric similar to that use for clothes tailoring. Unicorn patch on the cover is Aloe logo. Thermal sticker on the flyleaf is also used in clothes making. There are a lot of hand sticked inserts and stickers because the book was creating with an attention to detail as same as Aloe clothes and the party decor. At the end of the book you will find an envelope with postcards and stickers usually printed for giving away at the entrance of the parties. Questionnaire for friends made by Yana is the key to understanding the book. Answering the questions you can feel yourself as a part of the community, a friend. Also you can find some of my answers at the photos. Entire design of the book refers to school questionnaires for friends which were popular in 2000s. For many in Russia, It evokes a magical feeling of nostalgia.

Release Place St. Petersburg, Russia
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Daria Nazarova
Inscription numbered, signed
Topics Pop, Punk, Russia
Language English, Russian
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 15.0 × 21.5 cm
Pages 112