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The photographs of Los Angeles-based artist Charlie White (*1972) explore the complex social and psychological realities of American culture. "American Minor" delves into an important subtext of White's work: the American teen. By cataloguing studio archives, film stills, animation stills, scripts, and photographs, the book highlights the artist's investigations into the representation of the American teen girl. Through images culled from the artist’s two-year study of an ex-urban teenager, archives of magazine covers featuring iconic blonde models, stills from his first 35mm film, and his photographic comparative study of teens and transgenders, "American Minor" presents White's ongoing and never-before-seen studies of the American teen subject as image and idea. This book sheds new light on the artist's oeuvre within the context of his new work in film, animation, and cultural archiving.

Artists’ Book

American Minor

by Charlie White

Release Place Switzerland
Release Date 2009
ISBN 978-3-03764-003-6
Artist: Charlie White
Topics America, American Culture
Language English, German
Format hardcover
Dimensions 34.5 × 24.5 cm
Pages 144

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