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In an unreleased and sharp thought that opens the book, Douglas Coupland warns us: “Selfies are mirrors we can freeze. (...)Sefies allow us to see how others look at themselves in a mirror making their modeling face when nobody’s around ...except these days, everybody’s around everywhere all the time.”

The emergence of the #artselfie in 2012 facilitated the coming together of two very powerful cultural arte- facts: visual art and a new photographic phenomenon commonly known as the selfie. The #artselfie hashtag was subsequently promoted by New York-based artists DIS.

These selfies in front of artworks give us is an opportu- nity to revisit classic questions: if art is a mirror, what will happen if I oppose him another mirror and puts myself inbetween? But also to wonder about the new photographic process at the time of smartphones. The traditional process that comes from the photographer and goes to a subject through a device is shaken, and with it the nature of the images and of the way we per- ceive them.

With Douglas Coupland, author of Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture and ruthless observer of our societies and with Simon Castets, director of the Swiss Institute in New York and co-founder of the 89plus project, talking to DIS, #artselfie is a book of many images that lets you see and read how tasty are these massive phenomenon.

Art Book


by Simon Castets, DIS

Release Date 2014
ISBN 978-2-36568-007-3
Author: Simon Castets, DIS
Designer: groupe CCC
ISBN: 978-2-36568-007-3
Topics Selfie, Selfies
Methods Photography
Dimensions 16.7 × 24.0 cm

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