Cover, image source: Marje Eelma

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The book synthesises poetry and architectural thought by observing both common and unphrased architectural concepts, unveiling cultural memes and asking about the transforming role of architectural spaces. The book contains a correspondence of letters between the author of the book and Leon van Schaik - an academic, practitioner and educator from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Leon van Schaik notes: "Conceivable Houses seems to force the reader out of their inner assumptions about what a house is. It 'provincialises' our assumptions without devaluing them, it sets us free to be effective cosmopolitans. Able to appreciate other mental space and to recognise that it is as real as our own. Palpable and negotiable." A writer Anti Saar adds: "Urmo Mets book is a potential literature and a potential architecture at the same time. Conceivable Houses could be on the reading list of architects and urbanists but could also delight those who do not share deeper interest towards the discipline."
Urmo Mets is a partner and architect of an Estonian office Kauss Arhitektuur, a member of the Union of Estonian Architects. He has published creative writings in journals and a poetry book “Toimumata Tulvade Toimik” (Eesti Keele Sihtasutus, 2007) which was nominated the Betti Alver Debute Award in 2008. The founding member of experimental music group “rasKatarsis” which has published two albums. He has collaborated in creative groups and participated in art exhibitions. With Kaisa Eiche, a co-author of a public space installation "SWING" (Archeological Festival, 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions, Tartu Art Museum 2014).

Visual art by Lauri Eltermaa
Design by Tuuli Aule
Book photography by Marje Eelma

Artists’ Book


by Urmo Mets

Release Place Tartu, Estonia
Tallinn, Estonia
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2017
Artist: Urmo Mets
Printrun 300
Topics Architecture, Fantasy, Poetry
Methods Writing
Dimensions 12.5 × 19.0 × 3.2 cm
Technique Offset