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Democratic Intuition is a comprehensive volume documenting Mokgosi's epic painting project that questions conceptions of democracy in relation to the daily lived experiences of southern Africans. The first half of the publication shows Mokgosi's presentation of Democratic Intuition (2013–present) at Jack Shainman Gallery's The School. Over thirty pages of full-bleed images of the exhibition are bookended by texts from Jessica Bell Brown, Seph Rodney, Debora Silverman, and an interview with Antwaun Sargent. The second half of the book displays the series in chronological order, offering a unique opportunity to view the progression of Mokgosi’s contemplation and investigation of democratic ideals. Drawing from history painting and propaganda, Mokgosi includes iconographic details in his compositions that may not be recognized or understood by a Western audience. By combining broadly legible themes with pointed, specific imagery, Mokgosi encourages a desire in the viewer to understand a history beyond what is already known.

Artist Monograph

Meleko Mokgosi

Democratic Intuition

Release Date 2020
Artist: Meleko Mokgosi
Printrun 500
Topics Democracy, South Africa
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 22.9 × 29.0 cm
Pages 188

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