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If the historical references in "Divers Faits" are based on Dutch paintings of the XVIIth century, Olga Kisseleva’s still lives can be read with many semiotic and emotional interpretations, reinvented for each object in the compositions.

Using our society’s iconography, Olga Kisseleva litterally dives into our daily food habits, with the help of photography.
In order to put together "Divers Faits", she leaned on a team made of a historian of Art, a sociologist and a writer.
First, the team established a contemporary dictionnary around the symbolism of food and of daily objects. Forty-nine stories were then written. Inspired by the artist’s routine and built around key-words of the dictionnary, they enabled the construction of the still lives, in which each object was chosen according to the texts and key-words.

Art Book

Divers Faits

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2009
Artist: Olga Kisseleva
ISBN-13: 9782916067469
Methods Photography
Language French
Format Hardcover
Pages 120

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