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Extra-curricular is a reader of texts on and around the topic of self-organized learning, curriculum, experiments, and alternatives in graphic design education. Occurring both within and separate from existing institutions, these other forms of learning and organization question how such learning takes place, for whom, and the ideologies inherent in existing models, among many other things. An (admittedly) incomplete inventory inspired by the widespread activity and educational turn (or shift) in the field, this book aims to serve as a point of departure for further discussion and experimentation.

With contributions from: Adam Cruickshank, Chris Lee, Decolonising Design, Diego Bustamante, Katharina Hetzeneder, & Ariadna Serrahima (Parallel School Cali), Elisabeth Klement & Laura Pappa (Signals from the Periphery), Esther McManus, Evening Class, Francisco Laranjo, Jack Henrie Fisher, James Langdon, Joe Potts (Southland Institute), Kristina Ketola Bore & João Doria (The Ventriloquist Summerschool), Leigh Mignogna & Frances Pharr (Recreating a Women’s School), Mark Owens, Robert Preusse, Till Wittwer, & Stefanie Rau (Parallel School Berlin/Brno), Sean Yendrys (A School, A Park), Silvio Lorusso, Sopie Demay & Clara Degay, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey and David Reinfurt (The Serving Library), and Will Street (The Transparent School).

Art Theory


— A Publication for a place without a historical center...

Release Place Eindhoven, Netherlands
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Artist: VV.AA.
ISBN-13: 978-94-91677-92-2
Subform Reader
Topics Art Education, Curriculum, Educational Turn, Higher Education, Learning, School, Teachers, Teaching
Methods Art Theory
Language English
Format Softcover
Dimensions 15.2 × 22.2 cm
Weight 525 gram
Pages 338

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