Publisher Note

For tree planters all across Canada, only one area truly inspires awe and apprehension: British Columbia's coastal planting industry. Whether it is the steep ground, the never-ending slash, or the incessant rains, planting on the coast is a challenge that only a few of Canada most experienced planters will ever decide to accept. Although it is impossible to truly capture the magnitude of the difficulty of many coastal blocks without having experienced them in person, this collection of photos is as close as you can get. This niche sector of the reforestation industry is the stomping ground of Canada's most experienced professional tree planters. The struggle is real.


From our Footsteps, Giant Forests Grow

— A Photographic Introspection of British Columbia’s coastal Tree Planting Industry

by Jonathan Clark

Release Place New Brunswick, Canada
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2019
Writer: Jonathan Clark
Artist: Jonathan Clark
ISBN-13: 9781999016814
Topics Trees, Wood
Language English
Dimensions 28.8 × 22.7 cm
Pages 236