Publisher Note

"My previous picture book was about a train trip to Baku, this book documents my ferry trip accross the Mediterranean Sea to Alexandria (or Iskandariyah as it is called in Arabic). I was invited to exhbit my work and conduct a workshop organized by the artist-run Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF). This paperback is a selection of the many drawings that transpired on this amazing journey.

Not all my drawings are of a scene that catches my eye. Often it starts with coming across a really comfortable spot where I can sit undisturbed for some time amongst the hustle and rumble of a busy city. This, for me, can be quite meditative. Later, I scan the drawings to upload onto my website and other applications.

This time round, I also experimented with the drawings and hope to present this book as my personal development or work in progress. I wish to share the overwhelming experience of drawing the ocean and have tried to capture the simultaneous static second and fluid element of the water by flushing the drawings through a scanner and allowing them to distort as they wish to flow, much like the city, much like life itself." Ingo Giezendanner alias GRRRR, July 2011

Since 1998, Ingo Giezendanner documents his surroundings with pen on paper. He produces zines, murals, books, exhibitions, video clips and maintains a website ( to create his own world.

Artists’ Book

GRR47 – Iskandariyah Skan

by Ingo Giezendanner

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2011
ISBN 978-3-905714-98-2
Series 47
Printrun 100
Format book
Dimensions 13.2 × 18.0 cm
Pages 192
Color b/w
Technique Offset