Front Cover Mockup, image source: Edition Taube


Includes an original last page, inserted by the artist.

Publisher Note

During the Summer of 2022 Rahel Zoller tore out the last page of books she found on the streets of London, Zürich, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and any town or city she happened to be in. Street libraries and recycling bins were her primary hunting ground and her collection of final pages forms a textual menagerie of chance, of last sentences, appendices, advertisements and indexes ordered numerically by page number.
Each copy of this special edition contains a unique unnumbered page not featured in the book.

Release Date 1st June 2024
Artist: Rahel Zoller
Printrun 50
Subform Special Edition
Topics Books, Endings
Methods Collecting
Dimensions 16.0 × 23.5 cm
Pages 200