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Includes an almost complete checklist of "greatest hits" with cover images and bibliographic information, the publishing manifesto of "greatest hits" and techniques of POSTNAIVISM.

· 1 · the strategic use of found and pre-used material, be it image, object, sound, text or thought
· 2 · the use of an existing layout scheme or corporate identity (see Kippenberger, especially)
· 3 · the 1:1-use or paraphrase of a historic title, using the same or alluding words, syntax or rhythm
· 4 · the reenactment of an “old” concept with “new” material
· 5 · the reenactment of “old” material with a “new” concept
· 6 · making-available of (hard-to-find-) material, by providing a file or physical copy, be it authorized or not, be it with or without claims to second-order-authorship
· 7 · if a book paraphrases one explicit historical or contemporary predecessor in title, style and / or content, this technique is what i would call a “greatest hit”

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