Publisher Note

What is Europe? And what is the European Union? Questions to Europe by Paula Riek introduces children to Europe and the European Union in a playful way and answers fundamental questions about its structure and function. Even more difficult, current questions in the European context are posed in a child-friendly way and leave room for a dialog between parents and child when reading (aloud). A children’s book from the age of 6, available in English and German language.

Art Book

Questions to Europe

by Paula Riek

Release Date October 2020
Editor: Paula Riek
Author: Paula Riek
Designer: Paula Riek
Artist: Paula Riek
ISBN-13: 978-3-948440-13-8, 978-3-948440-14-5
Original Price 19.00 EUR
Subform Child's Book
Topics Children, Europe
Themes Europe
Methods Riso Printing
Language English, German