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Publisher Note

Reciprocal Score corresponds to an exhibition by the same name, comprised of Charlotte Posenenske’s D and DW square tubes series and my own woven paintings. It took place at Indipendenza in Rome in 2015.

The four pop-up volumes in this book are scale models of the four cardboard components in Posenenske’s DW series. In preparation for the show I made models of these pieces with the same bristol used for the book. The stamps correspond to key components in the weavings: brick-like building blocks, oval holes, two- and three-dimensional renderings of architectural ornament common to Rome (and visible in almost every part of the world. )

Artists’ Book

Reciprocal Score

by Tauba Auerbach

Release Place New York, NY, United States of America
Release Date 2015
Artist: Tauba Auerbach
Original Price 80.00 USD

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