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Publisher Note

‘Sequel’ is a reflection on the earlier publication ‘Point, Line, Plane’, by researching ‘the Plane and beyond...’. Most imaging decisions were made by chance. The edges of the book act as a visual table of contents.
This publication also explores the possibilities of working in consecutive limited editions –of only 10 copies– to avoid unnecessary waste of material, a new –slightly modified– edition will not be produced until the previous one is sold out.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Maastricht, Netherlands
Edition 2nd edition
Release Date 2022
Artist: Jo Frenken
Printrun 10
Inscription 2nd edition, signed, numbered
Availability Out of Print
Subform Perfect Binding
Dimensions 27.5 × 27.5 × 2.0 cm
Pages 216
Technique Digital Print, Embossing, Giclée, Risograph