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If one takes this exhibition catalog by Christoph Eisenring entitled Skeptischer Raum into the palm of his hand, then one is initially dealing with an object that seems to undermine its function as an information carrier and places its physical nature in the foreground. It is not that the texts would be missing, because they are accurately set with a carefully selected font. The illustration, which one would expect to illustrate this show, is missing completely, but then one learns that the main element of the exhibition is accessible only after dark, so this lack of visual material is not surprising. The 70 holes of equal size drilled through the book at regular intervals move the book as an object to the center. Probably one pays more attention than usual to volume and material, to individual elements, such as the feel of the paper, the coloring at the end of the tape or the colored insert sheet. The holes penetrate the entire publication and at the same time they act on the individual pages of the book like formal settings, on the same level as letters, punctuation marks and page numbers. Without hierarchy, each element is given its importance. The readability of the text is severely limited by the perforation - and this knowledge seems a bit strange when writing - each word has spaces. If it succeeds in overcoming this irritation and starting to read it, it may come as a surprise how good the text is nevertheless remains readable and how the words are inevitably completed mentally. The primary function of a book as a content broker is limited but not suspended. The artist, together with the graphic artists Prill Vieceli Cremers, has found a convincing visual language to show and subtly reflect the borderline between the visible and the invisible. In this way, one approaches the work of Eisenring and the exploration of this limit not merely through explanatory texts, but through his own real experience with the present book object.

Artists’ Book

Skeptischer Raum

by Christoph Eisenring

Release Date 2017
Designer: Vieceli & Cremers
Printrun 300
Topics Hole, Invisible, Object, Visible
Dimensions 21.0 × 15.0 cm
Pages 188
Technique Offest

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