Front cover, image source: Multinational Enterprises

Publisher Note

Splitting consists of found photographs which document the illegal destruction of a building lying on a disputed property line in a residential area south-west of Oslo. Two workers were hired to make an incision down the center of the structure—removing the part residing on the disputed territory—and dumping the rubble onto the neighbor’s vegetable patch. This unofficial remake of Gordon Matta-Clark’s bisecting of a New Jersey house scheduled for demolition, implies a triple cut; starting with the original deconstruction, moving on to the collage and the composition of the photographs and ending with the arrangement of the spreads that make up the 36-page book.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Oslo, Norway
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Printrun 150
ISBN-13: 978-82-998463-1-8
Subform Booklet
Topics Activism, Appropriation, Architecture, Newspaper
Methods Found Images
Dimensions 14.8 × 14.8 × 0.2 cm
Pages 36
Technique Digital Offset