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elex: Iran is an extraordinarily personal document of a public event. The photographs Gilles Peress took over a five-week period during 1979-1980 focus on the seizure of the American embassy and a number of hostages in Teheran by student proxy groups of the new Iranian regime. However, the book forms neither a study nor an analysis of that singular event. Peress' photographs do not purport to tell the story - any story - but are the nearly seismographic record of the photojournalist's perceptions, encounters, and not least, his emotions as he moves through the city and the countryside of a nation...

Release Date 1997
Editor: Joerg Bader
Artist: Gilles Peress
ISBN-13: 9783931141363
Topics Documentary Photography, Iran
Methods Photography, Video
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 101

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