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“Though lionized for his poignantly beautiful—often times painfully so—reflections of the American West, large scale color format pioneer, photographer Richard Misrach, turns his gaze to the sea for a second time in his new oversized visual monograph, The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings. A follow-up to his best-selling On the Beach, the new book of photography continues where its predecessor left off, exploring the intermittently murky relationship between us that walk on land and the mysterious sea. but where his first release circles on the abstraction of water, the new publication meditates on the lost quiet of humans actually adrift in the ocean: floating, breathing, beating. Investigating this quiet portraiture of intimate surrender, Misrach dives in head first… –Essential Homme
Flipping through the pages of The Mysterious Opacity (published by Aperture) is not the same as being at the beach, but you might find yourself in a similar state of suspension and wonder. And you don’t need sunscreen. –The New York Times Taking Note Blog
A color photography pioneer who helped usher it to the mainstream in the 1970s, Misrach leavens his meta- physical series with a vivid palette of aquamarine gradations that change from turquoise to viridian to azure. –Entropy

Artist Monograph

Richard Misrach

The mysterious opacity of other beings

Release Place New York, NY, United States of America
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2014
Artist: Richard Misrach
ISBN-13: 9781597113274
Topics Ocean, Portrait
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 80

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