Cover, image source: Corinne Vionnet

Publisher Note

Following on from the Photo Opportunities and Away series, Corinne Vionnet is once more revisiting the concepts of repetition and erasure. She is probing the ambivalence of the image, its representation and interpretation.

Total Flag gives an account of the metamorphoses undergone by photography as a result of repeated reproduction. First it was diplayed on a screen, which was photgographed with a digital camera and then shown on the same screen again, then photographed again and displayed again. Again and again. To the point of total disappearance. To the point of obliteration, evanescence, evaporation.

Total Flag examines the image – its content, its force, the density of the information it contains, seen and re-seen, read and re-read, photographed and re-photographed. It also questions the omnipresence of the screens through which we filter the everyday world.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Switzerland
Release Date 2018
Artist: Corinne Vionnet
Printrun 200
Availability Available
Dimensions 19.5 × 27.0 cm
Pages 48
Technique Riso Printing