Publisher Note

‘Trinity’ is a triptych on the theme of the omnipresence of power and violence. The title itself refers not only to the traditional image of the supreme power in classical painting, but also, for example, to the code name of the ominous project with which Oppenheimer lead a team of atomic physicists to produce the first atom bomb.
Based on three probing themes, de Keyzer grabs contemporary power, its senseless violence and worldwide devastation by air with oppressive images: tableaux d’histoire , tableaux de guerre , and, tableaux politiques. The first tableaux cast a surprising light on the theatrical that has characterized power since time immemorial and without which it could not exist.
The second perspective shows us violence as a timeless, placeless phenomenon. War appears in an aesthetic of the sublime, although subdued and painful, as glorification, heroism and justification are absent. The third part takes us behind the scenes of political power, which should, when all is said and done, actually be the power of the people: the facade, the lobbying, the backrooms, and the haggling.

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2008
Artist: Carl de Keyzer
ISBN-13: 9783716515334
Topics Atomic Bomb, Politics, Power, Violence
Language German
Format hardcover with dust-jacket
Dimensions 30.5 × 24.5 cm
Pages 152