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This issue is focus on what it means to study photography today, with the aim to open a critic debate on the growing phenomenon of photography teaching. It explores its lights and shadows from the inside, involving schools from all over the world in the making process and asking a number of people in the industry (teachers, students, researchers, school directors) to share their vision on their own business.

Each institution invited to be part of the issue has been carefully selected for its uniqueness and has been invited to present it with the form that better fits with the pedagogical background adopted. From interviews to conversation between teachers and students, from critical essays to the opinions of some professionals, this issue wants to explore and discuss the role of education in photography.

Art Magazine

YET – Issue 10

Release Place Lugano, Switzerland
Release Date 2015
Artist: Various Artists
Series YET, Issue 10
ISBN-10: 2296407006
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Paperback
Dimensions 28.0 × 20.5 cm
Weight 3,000 gram
Pages 240