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More than anything else about architecture, Tobias Engelschall is fascinated by transformation. Between the regularity and randomness of architectural development, the new always emerges from what already exists. Every Zustand—every state of affairs, condition, configuration, every image in this book—attests only to the outcome of transformation. In their juxtaposition, Tobias Engelschall’s “Sehschule” presents what cannot be seen. With its thematic focus and careful selection, this topography includes mostly buildings that likely would never have appeared again in an architectural book after their initial publication. The book shows an exuberant multiplicity of formal languages, where one or another of them may effectively attain a new, unexpected quality.

Artists’ Book, Exhibition Catalogue

Zustände. Eine Topografie architektonischer Transformationen in Berlin

by Tobias Engelschall

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2016
ISBN-13: 9783943514438
Language English, German
Dimensions 15.2 × 22.8 cm
Weight 2,000 gram
Pages 236