Tonatiuh Ambrosetti – Wanderjahre of an artist

Artphilein Library

Nov. 1st 2020 – Dec. 17th 2021

For the annual exhibition curated by Artphilein Library, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti selected 30 volumes (part of the library collection) as fundamental books in his experience as a photographer.

A photographic book is a story rich not only in images but also in lives.
In the text accompanying the exhibition the photographer writes:
"Biography is also an inseparable component from the work of a photographer.
In the world of photography it is difficult to pretend: many authors have fascinating lives, compelling journeys and stories to tell."

Tonatiuh Ambrosetti grew up in Ponte Capriasca (Ticino – Switzerland). In 2006 he graduated from the ECAL Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne, where since 2012 he teaches Photography. In addition to photography, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti practises sculpture, engraving and drawing; always with the steadfast refusal of the digital technique.

Curator Tonatiuh Ambrosetti
Website artphileinlibrary.edcat.net
Address Lugano, Switzerland

28 editions on edcat featured in this exhibition

Artist Monograph
Mille et un passages by Sally Mann
Artists’ Book
Confabulations by Torbjorn Rodland
Artist Monograph
The White Angel by Niels Ackermann
Exhibition Catalogue
The Jungle Book by Yann Gross
Exhibition Catalogue
Veramente by Guido Guidi
Exhibition Catalogue
Remix by Daido Moriyama
(2nd ed.)
Artist Monograph
Ray's a Laugh. by Richard Billingham
Artists’ Book
Studio by Paolo Roversi
Artist Monograph, Exhibition Catalogue
Rockfalls and Ponds by Jem Southam
Exhibition Catalogue
Paysage A by Nicholas Faure
Exhibition Catalogue
The British Landscape by John Davies