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Publisher Note

From the preface: “The sixty pastel drawings that comprise this book were originally created for a public art project at the new Elizabeth Line station at Paddington in London.
“The entire work, titled ‘A Cloud Index,’ presents 27 different types of clouds within a single composition. The drawings were scanned and then printed onto 180 clear glass panels (each 2 meters x 6 meters) and installed in the canopy of the station.
“The pages of this book can be assembled and attached to a wall to re-create the entire artwork, at a reduced scale. The number printed on the back of each leaf corresponds to its location within the entire composition, which is a horizontal grid of 3 up x 20 across.
“Begin in the top left corner with the first drawing, followed by the second and third drawings placed below. The fourth drawing begins the second column at the top and so on until you get to the sixtieth drawing which completes the grid at the bottom right of the composition.”

Artists’ Book

A Cloud Index

by Spencer Finch

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Spencer Finch
Printrun 500
Subform Exhibition, Exhibition Catalogue, Exhibition Pubilication, Installation, Sculpture
Pages 120