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20 illustrations, knot thread stitching with fold-out, bookmarks and 2 postcards, in plastic cover

Publisher Note

Based on a piece for recorded voices, which was shown as a site-specific choreography at Les Complices* in spring 2012 in the exhibition “A Play for Recorded Voices”, the artist Romy Rüegger has developed an adaptation for this publication. Using image and text sequences in various formats and a reprint of the handouts in the exhibition, a multi-layered artist’s booklet has been created.
Four recordings of conversations to quote, refer to and pose questions about authorship in artistic language form the source material for the audio piece, the exhibition and the publication “A Play for Recorded Voices”. Transferred into a text script by means of a conceptual writing process, spoken by speakers from the Les Complices* community and distributed over five loudspeakers and a projection, an acoustic space is created that inquires about figures – remembered and imagined, moving and absent in the space – and allows them to appear, to be heard, to be observed.
The publication transfers the questions and spoken texts posed in the exhibition and the audio work into printed form. The space of speech and movement is expanded by a pictorial sign track, which refers to the fragmentation and montage process of the audio work. Moving between notation and script, the publication deepens questions of translation and transmission, refers to the constructedness of statement and narration by exposing and leaving cuts and spaces in between, thereby opening up an artistic space.

Artists’ Book

A Play For Recorded Voices

by Romy Rüegger

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2013
Editor: Les Complices*
Artist: Romy Rüegger
Printrun 450
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-179-2
Dimensions 21.0 × 31.5 cm
Pages 42
Technique Offset Printing, Risography, Xerography