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Asfalt is the place where street spirit and art galleries come together, its giving shape to global process though which society and culture are undergoing today.

Its expresses the essence of what is given and what is taken away, and the later is always public question. Asphalt is still free to BE, to exist within a person or a group, still free to share its existence with the world.
Asfalt - street on exhibition, is a project by a group of artist who share the street as the common place of expression.

Any takes it as a base to paint on, he dismantles it and creates new meanings and use from its pieces, Jaka and Sergej see it as a combination of rational and irrational, a question of a moment which they offer to viewer. Leon Zuodar is taking the impulses of the street and transfer them into his paintings and graphics while Filjo and Pas play with words, thoughts, paroles, architecture and objects of the street which then loose thier primary meaning, become alive and make you think as you pass by.

This book was printed for the exhibition in Pivka ( Hisa kulture) 25.8.-15.9.2007

Publisher self-published
Release Date 2007
Editor: Art Of Asfalt
Designer: Emir Seharovic
Printrun 500
Dimensions 20.9 × 14.7 × 0.5 cm
Pages 30
Technique Digital Offset