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Publisher Note

Neokuratin is a preparation developed specifically for treating the endophenomenon of curatorial dependency. It is for use in professions in which the idea of a gradual convergence of art and life are emphasized in a life-long work process. Among fine artists, in particular, this striving for convergence may result in endo-active reality shifts (cf. cognitive dissonance, Münchhausentrilemma, etc.). These shifts are expressed as complexes of their own as this attitude (mindset) is acquired through professional training and is supported at the personal core.

Artists’ Book

Artist at Work

by Bernhard Cella

Release Place Vienna, Austria
Release Date 2008
Artist: Bernhard Cella
Original Price 38.00 EUR
Topics Artist, Curator
Methods Multiple
Language German, English, French
Dimensions 14.0 × 22.5 cm
Technique Silkscreen On Carton