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Sometimes, as in life, a careful look at what is, literally, behind things is worth it

"Backwards" is a photo series featuring the backs of paintings found for sale in flea markets and secondhand shops at prices from €20 to €150, including the frames.

Unlike the fronts of these pieces, the backs allow us to fully admire “raw” compositions made without any aesthetic or artistic ambitions: are these among the most honest, sincere and spontaneous forms of expression?

Artists’ Edition


— The Unexpected Beauty of Spontaneity

by Lorenzo "SerraGlia" Servi

Publisher self-published
Release Place Helsinki, Finland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date September 2020
Printrun 200
Subform Zine
Topics Abstract Art, Found Objects, Painting, Ready Made
Methods Photography
Dimensions 14.8 × 21.0 cm
Pages 44
Technique Xerox

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