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"Cindy, Erwin Paulo Palma and Me - Itinerary 2010" is a kind of travel diary, an accumulation of names, words, places and shapes. The structure follows an interest in letterpress, typography, writing (graffiti) and visual pleasure.

"Cindy, Erwin Paulo Palma and Me – Itinerary 2010" ist eine Art Reisetagebuch, eine Ansammlung von Namen, Worten, Orten und Formen. Der Aufbau folgt einem Interesse an Buchdruck, Typographie, Writing (Graffiti) und visuellem Genuss.

Artists’ Book

Cindy Erwin Paulo Palma & Me – Itinerary

by Friedemann Heckel

Release Place Stuttgart, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2010
Printrun 25
Inscription numbered
Original Price 25.00 EUR
Binding japanese stab binding
Dimensions 21.0 × 27.7 cm
Pages 52
Color 1, black
Technique Risography

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