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Publisher Note

This book contains 806 numbered drawings by Ante Timmermans, dating from 2002 up till 2015. By showing all these drawings in chronological order, and not just a selection of them, one is able to read a flow of thoughts, and see the artist's themes, subjects, and sources come and go. Drawing is in the heart of Ante Timmermans' practice, often leading to works in other media, such as performances, paintings, sculptures, and installations. Design: Roger Willems. ISBN 9789491843419

Artists’ Book

Drawings (001-806)

by Ante Timmermans

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Waregem, Netherlands
Release Date 2015
Designer: Roger Willems
Artist: Ante Timmermans
ISBN-13: 9789491843419
Original Price 61.70 EUR
Dimensions 17.0 × 22.0 cm
Pages 856

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