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An artist's book, 2 portfolio maps, an essay

Publisher Note

In her search for the necessity of ornaments and floral motifs, Bartels consulted various sources. “Art is decoration; it has become something beautiful for above the sofa. It's the outside that counts. Peter Sellars (theater director) says it all in an interview in the 1998 FD (Dutch newspaper): "When nothing touches us anymore, when everything slides off the outside, we lose the ability to distinguish. It is one of the greatest ills of our time that we are fixated on the outside".

Artists’ Book


— A tragicomedy in 4 acts

by Mémé Bartels

Publisher self-published
Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2nd September 2018
Artist: Mémé Bartels
Printrun 20
Availability Out of Print
Methods Analog Photography, Transfer Print
Dimensions 21.0 × 29.7 cm
Pages 30
Technique Inkjet Printing

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