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“My research is based on the reconstruction of given environments through the relationship of space and time. From my very first exhibitions I have been focusing especially on time- and site-specific works.
These works-installations have been constructed in situ across seven different buildings containing one, two or more spaces.
The site’s cultural history is directly referenced, as the works are based on the deeper meaning of the Great Eleusinian Mysteries.
Visual interventions complement and interact with the environment of the buildings, thus forming a route–which I have traced and resolved on–marked through the continuous alternation of elements, materials, sound and light.
What I aim at is the sense the viewers will experience and the message they will receive once inside the spaces of the old factory where one can perceive the existing synergy of architecture, sculpture, painting and the site itself”.

Art Book

Eleusina 2010

Release Place Athens, Greece
Release Date 2011
Artist: Diohandi
Printrun 1500
ISBN-13: 9789609966214
Language Greek, English
Dimensions 15.0 × 21.0 cm
Pages 40