Publisher Note

This three-volume triptych traces the arc of TANYA MARCUSE’s work from the iconic trees of Fruitless to the lush, allegorical compositions of Fallen and Woven.

In Fruitless, Marcuse repeatedly photographs particular trees from the same vantage point, cataloguing their seasonal transformations.

For Fallen, Marcuse uses frozen, decayed fruit from the same trees to depict an ordered paradise becoming wild and untended, a mixture of rot and growth where malevolent as well as beautiful creatures abound.

Woven expands Fallen’s dense arrangements to immersive, 5 x 10-foot tableaux that interweave wildness and order, beauty and terror.


Fruitless | Fallen | Woven

by Tanya Marcuse

Release Place Santa Fe, NM, United States of America
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2019
Artist: Tanya Marcuse
ISBN-13: 9781942185581
Subform Folded Photobook
Topics Agriculture, Botanics, Flowers
Language English
Dimensions 26.0 × 32.0 × 6.0 cm
Pages 216
Technique Offset