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Sometimes the human body becomes just another object. The body used as any other material, deprived of its sexual, moral, and social aspects. The body without rhetoric, history, or ethics, stripped of that recognition that pertains to a living person, ambiguous and perhaps discomfiting. Thinking of the body as packaging raises new questions. Has the relationship between social tensions and imagery of the body subsided? Does the formal staging of the body make it an inert, inhuman element? How can the representation of a body stripped of its vital and sexual energy be critically interpreted? ‘Genda’ introduces 21 international photographers whose work is situated in this curious territory.

Art Magazine

GENDA #1 Body as Packaging

Release Place Milan, Italy
Shanghai, China
Release Date 2015
Series GENDA, #1
Printrun 1500
ISBN-13: 9788887071641
Topics Corpo Umano, Photography
Methods Photography
Language Simplified Chinese, English
Format Paperback
Dimensions 21.0 cm
Pages 144

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