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928 drawings and photographs, 1634 video stills, thread stitching, free spine brochure with round spine / Awarded as one of the Most Beautiful German Books 2015

Publisher Note

Since the early 1980s, artistic investigations into the subject of light, space and time have been at the centre of Monika Sennhauser's work. Her experimental installations are based on direct perception and her own location. Drawings, photographs and videos illustrate and condense the research processes in complex installations and extensive groups of works and process the impressions, observations and recordings collected during studio stays and on research trips to the far north, the equator and southern Patagonia.
The publication “Gleichungen in Intervallen” (Equations in Intervals) documents a representative selection of individual works and groups of works from all creative phases, from the early camera-obscura photographs, the spatial models and the numerous sketches to the large-format drawing series and photographic works created between 1990 and 2000 as well as the video sketches and installations that have been created since 2004. Five texts, inserted between the series of pictures and written for this publication, introduce the work, deepen individual aspects or deal with topics of artistic debate from the perspective of other disciplines. With her text, the art historian Kristin Schmidt introduces the impressive work of the artist, points out important lines of development and gives an overview of Monika Sennhauser’s work over the last 30 years. The art and film scholar Kathleen Bühler focuses in her contribution on the artist’s video films and considers them in an art-critical context. The experimental physicist Ulrich Straumann gives an introduction to the theory of light from the perspective of his field, and the mathematician, physicist and philosopher Eil Wyn Lim reflects comparatively on the concept of timelessness in philosophy and physics. Finally, the poet and author Clemens Umbricht contributes an essay on writing (of poems) and draws parallels to the artistic practice in the studio.
Monika Sennhauser’s monograph is the artist’s second publication in the publishing house’s programme after the artists’ edition “Tagfahrten der Sonne”, which was one of the first titles to appear in edition fink in 1994. In sixteen chapters from A to Q, “Gleichungen in Intervallen” conveys an intensive, continuously developing work, makes connections visible, bundles individual works or presents entire series, thus opening up new accesses to a work that is as ephemeral as it is expansive. The publication, which is conceived as an exhibition in the book, not only serves the interest in Monika Sennhauser’s oeuvre, but also addresses all those who are interested in the subject matter dealt with across borders, in artistic research and in the processual working method.

Artist Monograph

Monika Sennhauser

Gleichungen in Intervallen

— Arbeiten 1978–2012

edited by Georg Rutishauser

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2014
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ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-183-9
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