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500 illustrations in colour, thread-stitched, paper-bound book

Publisher Note

Jean-Paul Felley and Olivier Kaeser have been running the art space Attitudes in Geneva for 10 years. This publication reviews the projects during this period and reflects the history and environment of Attitudes in numerous texts. Since hardly any catalogues of the projects were published during this period, this publication fills an important gap.
The impact of the Attitudes art space extends far beyond Geneva. In 18 cities between Geneva and Buones Aires, Felley and Kaeser realized 80 exhibitions and over 90 events over a period of 10 years. All in all, this has led to collaboration with over 300 artists. The present publication brings together some 50 artists.
A detailed series of pictures documents the exhibition activities of the Kunstraum without comment. An interview by Samuel Herzog provides insight into the work of the curators and the eventful history of the space. Various texts provide information on specific projects. In addition, 30 artists are portrayed in exemplary fashion. Last but not least, a complete index and a chronology provide a systematic overview of the 10 years of Attitudes.
The comprehensive publication on Attitudes thus not only elaborates on the impact of the art space, but also shows the work of independent art spaces in an exemplary manner.

Art Book

Attitudes 1994–2004

edited by Jean-Paul Felley, Olivier Kaeser

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2005
Artist: Emmanuelle Antille, Jörg Bader, Simone Battisti, Marc Bauer, Jean-Daniel Berclaz, Bernhard Johannes Blume, Alain Bublex, Silvia Buonvicini, Martine Béguin, Stéphane Cecconi, Yann Chateigné, Jean-Max Colard, Joost Conijn, Christoph Draeger, Yan Duyvendak, Nicolas Exertier, Malachi Farrell, Pierre-Philippe Freymond, Chris Gilbert, Jérémie Gindre, Sylvia Gomez, Laurent Goumarre, Samuel Gross, Fabrice Gygi, Magnus Haglund, Jochem Hendricks, Samuel Herzog, Hoio, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Steeve Iuncker, Katie Kennedy, Vincent Lamouroux, Simon Lamunière, Hervé Laurent, Jérôme Leuba, Mark Lewis, Pierre-André Lienhard, Constantin Luser, Charlotte Mailer, Serge Margel, Chad McCai, Max Mohr, Vanessa Joan Müller, Shahryar Nashat, Eveline Notter, Catherine Pavlovic, Alessandra Poggianti, Jean-Louis Poitevin, Hugues Reip, Jellichje Reynders, Peter Rösel, Michael Sailstorfer, Mary Anne Staniszewski, Beat Streuli, Claude-Hubert Tatot, Alexia Turlin, Pierre Vadi, Cyril Verrier, Alexia Walther, Muntadas, Marie Cool & Fabio Balducci, Sophie Dejode & Bertrand Lacombe, Le Gentil Garçon, Gruppo A12, Multiplicity, Nathalie Novarina & Marcel Croubalian, Raster-Noton (Olaf Bender & Carsten Nicolai)
ISBN-13: 978-3-906086-87-3
Dimensions 14.0 × 19.0 cm
Pages 416
Technique Offset Printing