Greek Dog Days Cover, image source: Replika Publishing

Work Description

Greek Dog Days is a shadowed meander through city streets and inter-city roads. Niederkirchner migrates from one desolate scene to the next as if he himself is one of the dogs; vagrant, aimless. Photographs of ghosts of Greece's past follow him as he documents Greece's present. While dark in nature, Niederkirchner’s photographs suggest also the country’s clean slate as it were; perhaps an opportunity for regrowth in a new, hopeful direction. Wild and dusky with glimpses of affection, the Greece portrayed by Niedderkirchner is misted yet razor-sharp. Greek Dog Days invites us on an entrancing and ominous journey; walks past empty shops, as if abandoned, concrete rules over nature while the stereotype of clear blue greek skys is lacking. Only traces of life are present; laundry hanging from windows, but the people themselves are markedly absent. The dogs are unfaltering in their glare, showing their control.


Winner of the VOLUMES Award 2020

Replika Publishing (
Release Place Berlin, Germany
Edition 1st original edition
Release Date November 2020
Writer: 3.14
Printer: We make it
Printrun 250
Language English, Greek
Binding Swiss Binding
Dimensions 14.4 × 19.8 × 1.3 cm
Pages 132
Content Image Plates
Color 1, Black
Material Salzer Eos 120gsm
Technique Risograph
Color 1, Medium Blue
Material Metapaper Extra Rough Recycling, 270gsm
Technique Risograph
Pages 12, paginated
Content Text Essay in both the original greek and english translation by 3.14.
Color 1, black
Material Munken Polar White 80gsm
Technique Digital
Section Notes Hand bound with simple 3 stich japanese binding in black thread.