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Hands Make Mistakes provides a kaleidoscopic insight into the making and individual voice of Ariel Schlesinger. Edited by Rivet, this book provides context and covers a broad range of Schlesinger’s projects, from adolescent doodles to complex collaborations. Two new essays (by Barbara Casavecchia and Adam Kleinman), a conversation-in-anexhibition between Abraham Cruzvillegas and Catalina Lozano, an introspective text about the reconstruction of a Japanese temple, a reprint of Vilém Flusser’s essay “The Gesture of Making” and reproductions of dreamy gallery texts written by Sarah Demeuse are set in 54 full color reproductions of past and recent exhibitions.

Artist Monograph

Ariel Schlesinger

Hands Make Mistakes

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2019
ISBN-13: 9789492811479
Original Price 28.00 EUR
Dimensions 19.0 × 25.0 cm
Pages 136

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