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Book edited by graphic designer Hans Gremmen with a selection of 'test prints' found at the silkscreen workshop of Paul Wyber of WyberZeefdruk in Amsterdam. The book contains reproductions as well as unique fragments from original prints by the following designers and artists: Jan Bons, Armand Mevis, Linda van Deursen, Lex Reitsma, Julia Born, Laurenz Brunner, Gielijn Escher, Annet Gelink, Ryan Gander, Roger Willems, JCJ Vanderheyden, Roland Schimmel, Nancy Spero, Carlos Amorales, Coppens Alberts, Connie Nijman, Anthony Burrill, Scott King, KesselsKramer, Jan Cremer, Gebroeders Silvestri, Stephanie de Vilder, Experimental Jetset, mevrouw Kramer, Mark van Holden, Linda Jensen. With an adapted chapter from 'Sindbad in Serendip' by Richard Boyle. Edition 700 unique copies / ISBN 978 90 77459 29 4 / Link: Sold out

Artists’ Book


by Hans Gremmen

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2008
Editor: Hans Gremmen
Artist: Hans Gremmen
ISBN-13: 978-90-77459-29-4
Original Price 18.00 EUR
Availability Out of Print
Dimensions 19.0 × 26.0 cm
Pages 104

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