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Anglo-Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj blends artistic themes and genres from the diverse range of his influences. The universe he creates is whimsical and eccentric, initiating a dialogue between tradition and modernity, between culture and pop culture. Known for his highly colorful portraits teetering between documentary and fashion photography, Hajjaj also integrates African prints and fabrics, canned products and manipulated logos into his compositions. He thus develops a kind of visual re-appropriation of global consumer products and presents a critical interpretation of oriental exoticism.
This book, simply titled Hassan Hajjaj, and published in light of the artist’s retrospective at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in September 2019, is the first major monograph of his work. It contains all his best-known and celebrated series as well as his previously unpublished black and white work.


Hassan Hajjaj

by Hassan Hajjaj

Release Place Paris, France
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Hassan Hajjaj
ISBN-13: 9791090306912
Topics African Fabrics, Fashion, Pop Culture
Language English, French
Format Softcover
Dimensions 23.0 × 33.0 cm
Pages 192

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